Texas Sun Devils Foundation Booster Club

On behalf of the Texas Sun Devil's Foundation, we extend our warmest welcome to the newly elected members of the Booster Club. Your commitment and dedication to our organization are truly appreciated, and we are excited to work together to further our mission and support our young athletes.

 As an integral part of the Texas Sun Devil's Foundation, the Booster Club plays a crucial role in raising awareness and funds for the growth and development of our baseball and softball players, as well as the overall operations of our organization. Your contributions will directly impact the lives of our athletes and help us continue to provide them with the resources they need to succeed both on and off the field.

 Here is a breakdown of where the funds raised by the Booster Club will be allocated:

  1. Player Scholarships:We believe that every young athlete deserves the opportunity to pursue their passion for baseball or softball, regardless of financial constraints. Your support will enable us to provide scholarships to deserving players, ensuring that talent and dedication are recognized and rewarded.
  1. Coaching Travel Costs:Our coaches play a vital role in shaping the future of our athletes. By covering travel expenses, we can ensure that our coaches have the opportunity to attend coach training sessions, conferences, and tournaments, allowing them to continually enhance their skills and knowledge.The expenses will also lessen family team dues for out of state tournaments.
  1. Equipment Improvement:High-quality equipment is essential for the safety and performance of our players. Your contributions will go towards upgrading and maintaining our equipment, ensuring that our athletes have access to the best possible gear.
  1. Rehabilitation and Training Programs:We are committed to providing our athletes with expert-guided rehabilitation and training programs to support their physical health and performance. Your support will help us continue to offer these programs, ensuring that our players receive the care and support they need to stay healthy and perform at their best.
  1. Organizational Events (example):TheSun Devil's End of Year Player Gala is a highlight of our program, bringing together players, coaches, families, and supporters to celebrate the achievements of the season. Your contributions will help us organize and host this memorable event, creating lasting memories for our athletes.

Booster Club Member Benefits

As a member of the Booster Club, you not only contribute to the success and growth of our organization but also gain access to a range of exclusive benefits designed to enhance your experience and show our appreciation for your support. Here's what you can look forward to:

  1. 15% Off All Texas Sun Devil Gear Purchases: As a Booster Club member, you enjoy a 15% discount on all Texas Sun Devil gear purchases. Show your pride and support for our organization while sporting high-quality apparel and merchandise at a special discounted rate.
  2. Access to Fortis Physical Therapy Training and Rehabilitation Sessions: Gain exclusive access to expert-guided training and rehabilitation sessions hosted at the ATX Sandlot by Fortis Physical Therapy. Whether you're looking to improve your athletic performance or recover from an injury, our partnership with Fortis ensures that you receive top-notch care and support.
  3. Custom Texas Sun Devil Foundation Member T-Shirt: Receive a custom Texas Sun Devil Foundation member t-shirt as a token of our appreciation for your commitment to our cause. Proudly display your membership and support wherever you go with this unique and stylish t-shirt.

Thank you for your dedication to the Texas Sun Devil's Foundation Booster Club. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of our athletes and ensure a bright future for our organization.

To Sign up to become a member of our Booster club please click the link below: